We believe quality is everything…

Select Right Manufacturer

We’ve built long term partnership with tier 1 manufacturers, who are capable of producing super-alloy products and own the most recognized quality certifications.



Adopt Right Process

Adopting right procedure and following strict process control are the key points to secure high quality products. Those super-alloy products come from optimized process, for example we don’t use scrap but virgin material for high-alloy casting.

Implement Right Inspection

Chemical Composition Analysis: Spectrometer

Mechanical Property Analysis:
• Charpy Test (low temperature),Tensile Test (hot), Hardness Test;
• Microscope, Corrosion and Pitting Test;
• Dye Penetration Test, Ultrasonic Test, Radiographic Test;


Live inspection process and test result at the manufacturing site is accessed through our Remote Inspection option, so our clients can witness the critical inspections remotely.